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Speedy Dryer Wall Arm

Speedy Dryer is proud to reintroduce its durable and strong wall arm as a stand dryer alternative. Our unique design lets you simply remove the stem from a stand dryer and attach it to the wall arm. It is that simple. No Drilling, sending the Dryer in, or any other modifications needed.

You can order just the wall arm or the wall arm with a dryer. D-15's and V-100's require separate parts please let us know which dryer you have while ordering.

Note: It is recommended you have your wall evaluated that it can accommodate the wall arm before purchasing. Wall must be able to support 350+ pounds and have a method to anchor the wall arm to the wall. (No hardware is included for attaching to the wall.)

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Arm Reach: 72"
Color: Black
Material: Sturdy Welded Steel Frame Enclosed in Durable ABS Plastic
Height Range: 47"
Max Weight: 40LBS
Base Price: $450 MSRP
To See a Video of the Wall Arm in Action Click Here.
Download the Wall Arm Information Packet

Options for single Wall Arm
W-1000 Standard Wall Arm - $450
W-1200 V-100X 20 Amp Wall Arm - $450
W-1500 D-15 Wall Arm - $450
W-2000 Universal Wall Arm - $575

Options for Wall Arm and Dryer
CL5000W CL-5000 with Wall Arm - $1,279
V-1000XW V-1000X with Wall Arm - $1,149
V-100W V-100X with Wall Arm(Requires 20amp plug) - $1,149
D-15W D-15 with Wall Arm - $1,079

Wall Arm