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Introducing Speedy Rapid Repair Service

Cleaning and performing maintenance on your dryer is essential to get the max life out of your dryer. Our dryers have an average lifespan of 26 years and when maintained well can easilly surpass that. We recommend you do not go further than 2 years without cleaning and changing filters. *Please Note: certain models of dryers have additional filters inside the dryer.* For High Velocity Dryers we also recommend inspecting brushes based on hours of usage. They should be checked every 250 hours of use and expected to be replaced no later than 1000 hours of use.
Speedy Dryers has introduced our Rapid Repair Service to make servicing your dryer easier than ever.

How It Works

When ordering a new dryer or repair we strongly recommend saving the box use to send the dryer back to us for repair/cleaning. Our boxes and packaging are specifically designed for our dryers and protect the dryer properly in shipping. If you do not have a box we can send you one. We do not charge for the box but we do charge the shipping at time of repair. (See Below) Alternatively if you would like to get your own box you may do so. However, we recommend packing it well to avoid expensive damage to your dryer. You may also take the dryer to a shipping store and they will pack and ship the dryer for you. We also do not charge any additional fees to clean the stand and legs if you wish to send them back as well.
When packing the dryer please include a note with your information and a brief description of any problems with the dryer.

Once boxed you may call us and we will have Fedex come to your shop to pickup the dryer. The next day FedEx will bring a label, so you only need to be there to hand the package of to them. This service does not cost any extra just the cost of shipping. (See Below) If you would like to send the dryer in yourself you may do so by sending it to Speedy Dryers 1 Line St Nanticoke, PA 18634 Note: We get discounted rates through Fedex for our services when shipping your way cost may vary.

Once the dryer arrives at Speedy Dryer. We test the dryer, take it apart and clean it entirely, and test each individual component. We then contact you with an estimate for the repair and let you know of any issues. When approved we will finish any cleaning, rebuild the dryer replacing discussed parts and run the dryer through a series of benchmark tests to ensure the quality and longevity of all parts. It is at this stage we may take payment information but we do not charge until we ship. Also while the estimate is nearly always an accurate representation of the final cost, in rare cases problems can be found when performing our final benchmark tests at which time we will contact you with an updated cost.

After the dryer has been fully inspected we repackage your dryer for sfe return to you. If reusing the original box we make sure it will hold up for shipping another dryer back to us in the future. It is at this point you will be charged.

Loaner Program

Can't be without a dryer? Speedy Dryers offers a loaner service so you can keep your shop running. Upon request and subject to availability we will send a loaner dryer to you to use as a loaner until we repair your dryer.
We only charge the below shipping for this service and ask for a $250 hold which will be refunded or credited toward your repair once we get the loaner back. If you wish to keep the loaner dryer as well they typically sell for $550.

Fees and Shipping Charges

Our service cost start at $85 plus the cost of parts and shipping($250 for MC3000). As we will clean and take apart your dryer to look at it, it is expected that this $85 cost will be paid reguardless of if you agree to the necessary repairs to get your dryer back in working condition. Some common replaced parts are Motor Filter($7.5), Outer Filter($5), Line Cord($25) and Rubber Insulator($6).
While we don't charge for an empty box, loaner dryer or pickup we do charge for shipping each way. Thanks to FedEx we have flat rate costs to make shipping calculations easy. Below is a chart of shipping costs based on your zone. Zones are based on how far away you are from us in Nanticoke PA. NY will be Zone 2 or 3 with California being zone 7 or 8. Please contact us for your exact zone.

Shipping Costs

Surrendering/Recycling Program

While our dryers do last long, they can't last forever. If you have a dryer that you believe is beyond repair send it in to us. We pick it up, evaluate it, and give you a discount on a new dryer based on the usable parts left on the dryer.
If you are not sure if its worth fixing or getting a new one you may still send it in we will treat it as a repair and get you a quote to fix it but if you decide to surrender it, we will waive the repair and shipping fees and still offer discounts towards a new dryer as well. All Dryers left at our shop beyond 1 year will be subject to surrender and recycling.