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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every Speedy dryer features at least a two year warranty against parts and labor, our CL-5000 carries a Lifetime Warranty, and many of our dryers have motors which are covered under factory warranty for five years. We recommend all dryers to be serviced no later than every two years. Lifetime Warranty dryers must be sent back to Speedy Dryers for cleaning every to years to maintain status.

Speedy dryers are built in Pennsylvania by a family owned company who is very proud to continue the Speedy legacy, building a premium product with all metal components.

Speedy Dryer will offer a prorated buy back of your existing Speedy dryer when you purchase a new Speedy dryer from stock.

Parts, service and repairs are available for most Speedy dryers, no matter when they were built. Please bear in mind, some parts may be modern replacements and require modifications to the dryer. All factory modifications and part installations are performed by specially trained Speedy repair technicians. All repairs done by our service facility are warrantied.